Clip from Street Muse: Kenya

This is a scene from the feature documentary Street Muse: Kenya | 2016

TRT: 5:39

Street Muse: Kenya Trailer

Trailer for the feature documentary Street Muse: Kenya | 2016

TRT: 1:54

The River Twice trailer

Trailer for UCLA MFA Thesis project | 2013

TRT 2:17

THE RIVER TWICE Feature Documentary

UCLA MFA Thesis Film | 2013

The River Twice is a documentary about a junk raft adventure along the Susquehanna River that winds deep into the heart of the natural gas industry.

Official Selection: Innsbruck Nature Film Festival, Black Hills Film Festival, Green Unplugged Festival

TRT 73:18


The Ballad of Finn + Yeti

Advance film for UCLA MFA directing program | 2012

Official Selection: Cannes Cinéfondation Film Festival, Ozu Film Festival, Izmir Film Festival

TRT: 18:17


UCLA MFA Experimental Documentary | 2010

TFT: 5:48

The Ghost of the Sad Clown

UCLA MFA film | 2010

As a storm brews, two sisters perform a séance in their rickety attic. They summon the Ghost of the Sad Clown, hoping he will teach them the secret to passing through walls. With a devilish grin, he teaches them more than they bargained for.

TRT: 9:59

Scene from "Roger"

Exercise for an Advance Directing Workshop UCLA | 2009

featuring: Graham Michael Hamilton and Liz Guterbock

TRT: 5:06