The Cave Machine

The Cave Machine

Short Experimental Film | in progress

The Cave Machine is on the hunt for big data.

TRT: 8:47

The Waiting Dead

The Waiting Dead

Feature film | in progress

Centered upon a waiting mortuary in 19th century Germany, where bodies are held temporarily to quell fears of live burial, The Waiting Dead is the story of three intertwined protagonists caught between their true selves and the rigid social constructs they are obliged to uphold.

Semi-finalist for Sundance Institute's Screenwriting Lab

The Ballad of Finn + Yeti

Advance film for UCLA MFA directing program | 2012

Official Selection: Cannes Cinéfondation Film Festival, Ozu Film Festival, Izmir Film Festival

Director, writer, editor

TRT: 18:17

The Ghost of the Sad Clown

UCLA MFA film | 2010

As a storm brews, two sisters perform a séance in their rickety attic. They summon the Ghost of the Sad Clown, hoping he will teach them the secret to passing through walls. With a devilish grin, he teaches them more than they bargained for.

Director, writer, editor

TRT: 9:59